The four types of internal floor tile finishes

There is so much jargon out there when it comes to the type of surface finishes for your area, we thought we’d help you sort through them and determine which one is right for you.

Let’s have a look at the four main types for an internal floor.

  1. Matte finish – this is also known as a natural finish; where it’s generally flat and as it’s come out of the kiln, with no other finishing techniques applied. Can also be called a smooth finish.
  2. Gloss finish – there are two types here. One is where it’s a glazed product and has a gloss applied to the surface. A bit like when us ladies put a clear coat of nail polish over our nail colour! The other is where the surface has been polished – a bit like when you buff a car, removing a 1/10th of a mm off the surface and leaving a completely flat, shiny look. This type of surface requires sealing, but don’t worry, we have polished products in store that are already factory sealed.
  3. Satin finish – this is where a surface is completely flat and smooth, feeling silky to the touch.
  4. Lappato finish – this is where a soft polishing technique is applied, not as much as a polished tile, because with a lappato finish you still get that low sheen but original undulations of the surface are still in tact.

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