Porcelain pavers are a good option for that ‘natural stone look’ without the price-tag of a natural stone. It is stronger and tougher than other paving options. More than just its durability, this type of pavers are easy to clean. Porcelain is somewhat stain resistant and is very easy to maintain. 

Laying porcelain pavers may look like it requires a lot of work. Paver installation is actually easy and there are different ways on how to install them.  Here are three ways on how to lay:

Installation on Gravel or Sand

It is easy to lay porcelain pavers on sand or gravel. Removing and repositioning pavers is also easy, thereby allowing maximum creativity in laying the materials. It can be applied either with a minimum joint or with the slabs arranged with a joint of at least 1 cm between the slabs.

Installation on a Screed with Adhesive

The concrete platform must be built with proper workmanship and structured adequately in relation to the specific features of the site, to the expected loads and type of traffic.

Depending on the size of the paved area, it may become necessary to provide expansion joints in the underlying screed. The creation of screed joints in correspondence with the joints of the paver is essential.

Always use plastic spacers for the 5mm joints, inserting T-shaped spacers around the edges.

For the spaces between pavers corresponding to the expansion joints, gaps up to 10mm wide may be necessary. 

Carry out careful cleaning after laying in order to remove all traces also, including those of glue as well as any joint filling material.

Installation on Grass

Porcelain pavers on grass are easy and quick to install. You can easily remove and position it in any way you want.  It does not require installation by specialized personnel. You can dry lay porcelain pavers on top of grass without the need of adhesives. 

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