Porcelain slabs are a stylish and versatile product, with a number of properties that are unique.  Porcelain slabs are essentially a ‘really big tile’ which is lightweight when in thicknesses of 3.5mm to 6mm.  Porcelain slabs are also available in 12mm to 20mm, which can extend their use to benchtops and vanity tops without the use of a substrate.  Porcelain slabs are ideally suited for wall and flooring applications in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace facades, external walls as well as outside bbq kitchens as both a splashback and benchtop.  Porcelain slabs can also be used for furniture such as table tops.

Porcelain Slabs

Looking for a practical attractive tile in large formats?  Porcelain slabs are available in a variety of colours and designs.  With superior technical properties far outweighing natural stone, porcelain slabs can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and many other hard surface areas of your house including shower walls and kitchen splashbacks.

Porcelain Slabs in Bathrooms

Porcelain slabs can be used in all aspects of a bathroom, not limited to just walls and floors.  A porcelain slab is a stunning addition to shower walls, as there are minimal grout joints.  This will give the bathroom the appearance of large slabs without the maintenance, as porcelain has a super low absorption of just 0.5% – as compared to natural stone which has an average of 10% absorption.  Porcelain slabs require no sealing or maintenance, meaning a one-time investment on purchase, with no further outlay.  (Natural stone although beautiful, requires constant, periodic sealing and maintenance.)  Porcelain slabs in 12mm thickness can also be cut to measure and used as a vanity top, without the need of a substrate.

Porcelain Slabs in Kitchens

Porcelain slabs are ideal in kitchens, as they give the appearance of large slabs without the maintenance.  Porcelain has a low absorption of 0.5%, meaning the usual acids found in food prep areas like citrus juice, vinegar, tomatoes, as well as wine and coffee, will not affect the appearance of the product.  Spills can be cleaned with ease and do not require a comprehensive treatment to clean.  Porcelain is also a fire retardant material, which means it will not catch on fire or fuel a fire like other commonly used materials on the market, like engineered stones (which contain chemicals and resins).  Porcelain is also an ideal choice for external kitchens as it will not fade, change colour or warp in extreme weather conditions.

Porcelain Slabs as Fireplace Facades

Porcelain slabs are great for use as fireplace facades as they can be cut to suit the size of the fireplace wall.  They require no maintenance and any dirt/smoke/soot can be easily cleaned.  They are lightweight and can be adhered to a wall with ease.

Porcelain Slabs as External Facades

Porcelain slabs are perfect for external facades as they do not fade, change colour or warp in extreme weather conditions.  They give the appearance of large natural stone or cement slabs without the maintenance.  They do not absorb dirt or other weathered matter and can be cleaned with appropriate tile industry cleaners.  They can also be fixed mechanically or tiled with tile adhesive, depending on the building height.

Porcelain Slabs for Furniture

Porcelain slabs can be easily used for furniture such as table tops.  Depending on the thickness used, 12mm porcelain slabs do not need a substrate and can therefore have the edges worked in various forms; 6mm slabs can be glued to a substrate and finished with either a mitred edge and apron or apron in a contrasting material such as timber or metal.

Porcelain Slabs Sydney

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