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Living Room Tiles at Low Prices

Living areas are high traffic areas. Carpets will take a beating as will wooden floors. Tiles however won’t. At Good Buy Clearance Tiles, we carry beautiful, brand name tiles from the most renowned tile manufacturers from around the world.

Porcelain Tiles for High Traffic Living Areas

Living areas will get more wear. With that in mind, it’s important to choose highly durable tiles that won’t chip or scratch easily. That’s where porcelain tiles have an edge over ceramic tiles. Although ceramic tiles can still be suitable for low traffic areas, porcelain tiles are denser and more durable thanks their clay mixture being fired at higher temperatures. Ask our consultants to walk you through the options by calling us on 1300 246 289 or fill out our contact form  to request a call back.

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Cheap Living Area Tiles

Dare to compare our living area tile prices with any store in Sydney. You’ll be hard-pressed to find finer tiles for your living room at such low bargain prices.

Great Tiles at Great Prices

Take advantage of our super low prices. At Good Buy Clearance Tiles, we have the same great tiles you’ll find elsewhere with one difference. Our site is dedicated to offloading discontinued tile lines and stunning brand name tiles that are now out of season.

Compare Living Room Tiles

Are our tiles still beautiful? Yes. Are they still from brand name tile suppliers? Absolutely. Most importantly, are they priced to go? Definitely.

So, do yourself a favour and help us empty our warehouse of these amazing tiles. You’ve got a living area. We have the tile for it. See you in-store at our Eastern Creek showroom or online!