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Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks can transform a tired old kitchen into a spectacular visual feast. From matte finishes to intricate designs, marble looks and more, Good Buy Clearance Tiles has amazing splashbacks on sale. Find your splashback today for less!

A kitchen splashback is not only a very practical addition to your kitchen it is also a great way to add some style to your kitchen and really bring the design together.

Kitchen Splashbacks Sydney

We have a vast range of attractive options from traditional tile splashbacks to large porcelain slabs.  Kitchen splashbacks are not only great looking but easy to install and maintain.  To see our full range, check out our Sydney tile warehouse located over at Eastern Creek today.

Large Format Tiles as Splashbacks

One of the biggest trends is the use of large format porcelain tiles as kitchen splashbacks.  Large format tiles can be from as small as 600x600mm to 1600x3200mm porcelain slabs.  The advantages of using large format tiles is less grout joints, enabling a seamless look and thus translating to a modern contemporary feel.  With so many design options, there are no limits what kitchen splashbacks can be used, irrespective of the design element.  600x600mm tiles can be used where heights are 600mm high, meaning there is minimal wastage.  The same applies for large format tiles of similar sizes 750x750mm, 800x800mm and 900x900mm.  The use of porcelain slabs enables sheets to be cut to custom size, especially if areas are of a different measurement – whether in height or width.  Porcelain sheets are typically anywhere from 3.5mm, to 6mm, and 12mm thick.  This means they are lightweight and can be transported easily.

Ceramic Tiles as Splashbacks

Ceramic wall tiles are typically used for wall applications, and the most popular being subway tiles with width-to-height ratio of about 2:1 or 3:1.   Ceramic wall tiles are fired at a high temperature to create a dense, durable tile that’s resistant to moisture.  The process of glazing allows for brighter colours and patterns.  Ceramic tiles are generally more cost effective and are available in a countless sizes, patterns and colours.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass tiles are pieces of glass in various colours formed into uniform shapes.  They can add a touch of class to a kitchen as well as being easy to maintain.  Glass tiles can also be found in mosaics where a number of different materials, such as marble and porcelain, can be combined to achieve a differentiating effect.

Mosaic Splashbacks

Traditionally, mosaic tiles are decorative designs made up of small materials arranged to create a pattern or image.  A mosaic is defined as an inlay design pattern.  Individual mosaic patterns vary greatly, featuring diverse materials, colours and shapes.  They are available in shapes and styles like square, rectangle, penny round, arabesque, chevron or herringbone.  Normally, mosaic tiles are used for splashbacks and walls.  Mosaic tile can be used for floors, but please check the suitability of the material first before laying on the floor.

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